TRICO Evolution News Release, Sept. 10, 2015

BY: Scott Wakeman
In: News

SEPT 10, 2015 – We are proud to announce that effective September 10, 2015, Delta Business Solutions and TRICO Evolution have entered into an agreement to combine forces and operate as one company under the TRICO Evolution brand.

Packaging operations in Quebec and British Columbia will be integrated within this new structure and the head office will be located at 47 Antares Drive in Ottawa, Ontario. The TRICO manufacturing plant located at 1390 Startop Rd will be moved to 47 Antares Drive within the coming weeks.

This consolidation is part of our overall strategy to strengthen our position as market leaders through diversity of services, enhanced resources and a skilled work force. Our commitment to excellence will be achieved through the combined efforts of our dedicated employees and management team.

We believe that together, our company will be better positioned to deliver the products, services and value to meet and exceed your needs and allow our clients to better manage their daily challenges in today’s competitive environment.

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