The Canadian Wildlife Federation

How many reasons do you need to work smarter? How about 16,000…

TRICO evolution helped us raise more funds at a lower cost. Their collaborative, customer-focused team worked diligently with us to ensure we reached our ambitious goals.”
John Heckbert – Manager, Direct Mail Fundraising Canadian Wildlife Federation.


The Problem With growing donor scrutiny of administrative costs and a changing tax structure, non-profit organizations are under more and more pressure to lower the cost of fundraising.


The Solution The Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) partnered with TRICO Evolution to identify opportunities to improve both their gross and net revenue on their campaigns. TRICO also worked with CWF to launch two innovative, web-based programs to attract online members and improve communications.


The Success CWF was able to save $16,000 in postage costs by leveraging TRICO evolution’s expertise and equipment. And, TRICO Evolution delivered cutting-edge technology within a tight timeframe, going from the idea-phase to functioning web platforms in less than a month.


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cwfsample1 cwfsample2

National Association of Federal Retirees

What can fix a broken promise? One clear message said by thousands.

“We needed to mobilize our membership into action and send a message to the politicians and decision makers. Working with TRICO Evolution, we were able to achieve our goals and more. What began as a direct mail campaign evolved into a much more strategic and lobbying effort that delivered results as well as invaluable information to help us better serve and grow our membership.”
Rosemary Pitfield – Director, Advocacy and Communications


The Problem The National Association of Federal Retirees (NAFR) is a not-for-profit association dedicated to protecting the benefits and promoting the interests of federal retirees. In the summer of 2013, the NAFR had a big problem. The Government of Canada was threatening to break its promise to not make any changes to the Public Service Health Care Plan and increase health insurance premiums paid by retired public servants. NAFR knew it had to react quickly. It adopted an uncharacteristically “assertive” approach. The organization developed a campaign to lobby its members urging them get involved and hopefully influence the decision makers to change their mind. This was the first time the NAFR had taken such direct action. And it was the first time NAFR had developed and deployed a multi-channel campaign to communicate this important issue to its members.


The Solution NAFR brought the TRICO Evolution team on board to develop the multi-channel strategy and deploy on each of the campaign’s elements. The NAFR membership was broken down into single or dual-member households. The campaign elements included 69,167 packages mailed to single-member households and 52,612 dual-member households. Packages were delivered in English or French languages, depending on the preference of the member.

Each campaign package mailed within Canada consisted of:

  • A single cover letter
  • Personalized URLs (one PURL for single member households, two PURLs for dual-member households)
  • Personalized, pre-populated letter addressed to the NAFR member’s local Member of Parliament
  • A duplicate of the MP letter for the President of the Treasury Board
  • Two, pre-addressed reply envelopes

A separate content package was specifically developed for NAFR members living outside of Canada

What began as a straightforward direct mail piece evolved into a highly leveraged, multi-channel strategy. Working with TRICO Evolution strategists, NAFR grew the campaign into more than just a lobbying effort. The PURL was introduced to enable NAFR to conduct a brief but effective survey of its members to fill in missing information in its database as well as collect information on how to serve its membership better.

On the advice of TRICO Evolution, NAFR included a “refer a friend” component to the campaign. Referred friends received a campaign letter kit. Those who made the effort to refer friends are now a qualified group of potential member “ambassadors” for NAFR for engage in future activities and campaigns.

TRICO Evolution was able to include several variable content elements in the letters to MPs such as the number of NAFR members that lived in each MP’s riding. This was important in order to make the MPs, especially those who might have narrowly won their ridings, aware of the degree to which NAFR members could affect the outcome of future elections.

On the recommendation of TRICO Evolution, the reply envelopes (with the exception of members who lived out of country) were all addressed to MPs’ House of Commons addresses and so did not require postage if mailed within Canada. This ended up saving the NAFR over $20,000 in postage fees.

The TRICO Evolution team implemented every aspect of this campaign: household based member segmentation, member counts by federal riding, personalized landing pages and surveys, online refer a friend functionality, and direct mail services.


The Success From the get go, the NAFR campaign blew the lid off traditional response rates. Over 10 percent of those who received the package acted on the PURL, 16.5 percent of those who acted referred a friend, and of the referrals, over 10 percent of those referred completed the process and generated additional letters.


12 Week Landing Report

Report Generated: Tuesday, October 01, 2013 3:01 AM
Website (non-unique) visit count over time.
Multiple page visits in a single session are counted as a single visit.


Total Event Count: 19,639


Time Non-Unique Landing Count Percent
Jul 14 – Jul 20 0 0.00%
Jul 21 – Jul 27 0 0.00%
Jul 28 – Aug 03 0 0.00%
Aug 04 – Aug 10 0 0.00%
Aug 11 – Aug 17 0 0.00%
Aug 18 – Aug 24 736 3.75%
Aug 25 – Aug 31 7,408 37.72%
Sep 01 – Sep 07 6,075 30.93%
Sep 08 – Sep 14 3,334 16.98%
Sep 15 – Sep 21 1,319 6.72%
Sep 22 – Sep 28 636 3.24%
Sep 29 – Oct 05 131 0.67%


The campaign was so successful that after a month of launching, news of the campaign landed on page two of the September 16, 2013 edition of Ottawa’s daily newspaper, the Ottawa Citizen. The headline read: Federal Retirees Ready to Challenge Cuts to Benefits: campaign takes aim at Clement proposal.

The ROI of the “refer a friend” element was particularly lucrative as an acquisition strategy. Of the 2,870 referrals made after a month of launching the campaign, 301 completed the full campaign process – a list of over 300 potential new members.

The NAFR achieved several important objectives – all within a very tightframe.

New England Candy Company (NECCO)

What could be sweeter? A Sweetheart® success.

“Without the hard-working team at TRICO Evolution, it would have been a challenge for us to deliver on a major retailer’s request to sell our product in Valentine-themed packaging in large volumes,” said Eric Long with The New England Candy Company (NECCO). “Working with TRICO meant we could keep our resources focused on what we do best, making some of the world’s finest candies.”


The ProblemWhen the world’s largest retailer calls to request your product it’s hard to say no – no matter how big the challenge or how tight the timelines.  When asked on short notice by a major retailer to supply the iconic Sweetheart® candies in large quantities, in specialized packaging, and all in time for Valentine’s Day sales, NECCO said “sure we can”.

NECCO called on the TRICO Evolution co-packing team to take on the challenge. Of course, the product also had to meet exacting standards for quality and cost.


The SolutionTRICO Evolution sourced and procured the heart-shaped clamshell, shrink band, and retail ready carton. The candies were shipped in bulk from the NECCO factory to the TRICO Evolution packaging facilities and packaged into the fun, plastic hearts. The packages were coded for tracking and traceability using high-speed ink-jet technology. The Sweetheart® hearts were then assembled in the display cartons, and distributed to the retailers’ locations.


The SuccessNECCO successfully fulfilled on a challenging request for a unique, quality product, in large quantities, produced in a short time frame and at the right price point. The uniquely packaged Sweetheart® hearts were delivered well in time for the Valentine’s Day sugar rush.

Meanwhile, NECCO made one phone call, to one contract packaging company, to get the job done. TRICO Evolution took care of all NECCO’s packaging and logistics needs for this project.


Samples (click to enlarge)

 NECCO Box  NECCO Candy Packaging


The Hospice at Maycourt

Does it pay to get personal? You bet!

“We experienced a significant increase in donations from our appeal and exceeded our original goal. The ability that TRICO Evolution had to analyze our data in order to customize the mailing is what made all the difference. This valuable information will allow the Hospice at Maycourt to build on further appeals”
Jana L. Rand, Manager, Fund Development and Marketing, The Hospice at Maycourt


The Problem The Hospice at Maycourt wanted to grow substantially their underperforming  Annual Appeal prior to its amalgamation to become Hospice Care Ottawa. In the year prior, the organization had raised $8,500 in a campaign directed at all 9,000 contacts on their donor list. For the new appeal, the Maycourt set a budget of $10,000 and a fundraising target of $30,000.


The Solution TRICO Evolution analyzed donor behavior and patterns and reduced the mailing list from 9,000+ to 497 high potential donors/targets. Our creative team developed a simple package with a highly personalized look and feel that included:

  • a personalized letter with tailored P.S.;
  • a donation card; and
  • a first class postage stamped return and carrier envelope.


The message was also timely and highly relevant – a final appeal from the outgoing Executive Director to contribute to the Maycourt and provide information of the merger with the other facilities.

TRICO Evolution utilized advanced, data-driven hand-writing technology, with a real pen, to address the carrier envelope and added a variable P.S. message to each letter. By design, the package did not look mass produced. With only 497 units, the Executive Director was able to personally sign the letters – an added element that helped to contribute to the frequency and amount of donation.


The Success In the end, the Maycourt was able to more than triple its results and raised over $52,000. The cost of the campaign was under budget at $6,000 including first class postage on both the carrier envelope and enclosed business reply envelope.

Department of National Defence

When is a royal finish required?
When the Forewords are written by Royals, of course.


The Problem The Department of National Defense (DND) was publishing two books to celebrate the 60th and the 40th anniversaries of The Canadian Forces’ Decoration and The Order of Military Merit, respectively. TRICO Evolution‘s Print and Publications division was selected to print the volumes. When provided the original specs, the team at TRICO Evolution immediately saw an opportunity for improvement. After all, these were no ordinary publications – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh were contributing the Forewords.


The Solution TRICO Evolution worked hard to convince DND to upgrade to a specialized, high-end, flexographic technique for the full-colour covers. In the end, it was absolutely the right way to go.  The special effects finish was in keeping with the books’ regal and historical subject matter. In addition, the books’ rich finish, look and feel were most fitting given that these authoritative works were being dedicated to the distinguished members of Her Majesty’s Canadian Armed Forces, past, present and future.

TRICO Evolution worked with our effects partner to provide a high-end, three-dimensional finish for the book covers.

Using flexographic printing, a ribbed effect on the ribbon portion of the insignia was created. Multiple foils combined with the flexo process served to create a unique three-dimensional effect on the medals pictured on the book covers. Then, with double hits of black and four-colour process overprinting the foil, the inspired upgrade resulted in achieving the desired look and feel


The Success Thanks to this type of value-added thinking, the TRICO Evolution team was able to upgrade the end products in a way which ultimately contributed to their success.

The covers won a gold award achievement from the Flexographic Technical Association.

The biggest impact, however, was experienced at DND where staff at the Directorate of Honours and Recognition received numerous compliments and accolades on their two most recent publications and were also inundated with questions on how the book covers were done and who printed them.


Samples (click to enlarge)

DND Book Covers

Rental Village

Do you know where your customers are? Maybe you just think you do…

TRICO Evolution helped us to find real intelligence in our marketing data.  As a result we were able to make better, more informed business marketing decisions. With TRICO Evolution we were able to understand exactly where to find our customers and how best to reach them.”
Terry Monette, Co-owner, Rental Village


The Problem Rental Village thought they knew where to find their customers. Located just outside city limits, the store was situated in a fast-growing, traditionally rural community. Historically, the store’s customer base was drawn from the rural, blue-collar demographic that lived around and near to the store. When business dipped, Rental Village decided a direct mail campaign was in order, to encourage customers back to the store.


The Solution Rental Village brought TRICO Evolution on board to help. Analysis of marketing intelligence gathered by the TRICO Evolution team revealed that the typical Rental Village customer no longer lived in the neighbourhoods surrounding the store. The community living around the store had shifted from a rural, blue collar demographic to a suburban, white-collar demographic that was less likely to rent tools and other equipment from Rental Village.


The Success Working with the TRICO team, Rental Village was able to identify where their core market was now located, and how to reach them. Without the benefit of TRICO’s expertise, Rental Village could have wasted time, money and effort on a mis-targeted campaign.