When is a royal finish required?
When the Forewords are written by Royals, of course.


The Problem The Department of National Defense (DND) was publishing two books to celebrate the 60th and the 40th anniversaries of The Canadian Forces’ Decoration and The Order of Military Merit, respectively. TRICO Evolution‘s Print and Publications division was selected to print the volumes. When provided the original specs, the team at TRICO Evolution immediately saw an opportunity for improvement. After all, these were no ordinary publications – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh were contributing the Forewords.


The Solution TRICO Evolution worked hard to convince DND to upgrade to a specialized, high-end, flexographic technique for the full-colour covers. In the end, it was absolutely the right way to go.  The special effects finish was in keeping with the books’ regal and historical subject matter. In addition, the books’ rich finish, look and feel were most fitting given that these authoritative works were being dedicated to the distinguished members of Her Majesty’s Canadian Armed Forces, past, present and future.

TRICO Evolution worked with our effects partner to provide a high-end, three-dimensional finish for the book covers.

Using flexographic printing, a ribbed effect on the ribbon portion of the insignia was created. Multiple foils combined with the flexo process served to create a unique three-dimensional effect on the medals pictured on the book covers. Then, with double hits of black and four-colour process overprinting the foil, the inspired upgrade resulted in achieving the desired look and feel


The Success Thanks to this type of value-added thinking, the TRICO Evolution team was able to upgrade the end products in a way which ultimately contributed to their success.

The covers won a gold award achievement from the Flexographic Technical Association.

The biggest impact, however, was experienced at DND where staff at the Directorate of Honours and Recognition received numerous compliments and accolades on their two most recent publications and were also inundated with questions on how the book covers were done and who printed them.


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DND Book Covers

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