What could be sweeter? A Sweetheart® success.

“Without the hard-working team at TRICO Evolution, it would have been a challenge for us to deliver on a major retailer’s request to sell our product in Valentine-themed packaging in large volumes,” said Eric Long with The New England Candy Company (NECCO). “Working with TRICO meant we could keep our resources focused on what we do best, making some of the world’s finest candies.”


The ProblemWhen the world’s largest retailer calls to request your product it’s hard to say no – no matter how big the challenge or how tight the timelines.  When asked on short notice by a major retailer to supply the iconic Sweetheart® candies in large quantities, in specialized packaging, and all in time for Valentine’s Day sales, NECCO said “sure we can”.

NECCO called on the TRICO Evolution co-packing team to take on the challenge. Of course, the product also had to meet exacting standards for quality and cost.


The SolutionTRICO Evolution sourced and procured the heart-shaped clamshell, shrink band, and retail ready carton. The candies were shipped in bulk from the NECCO factory to the TRICO Evolution packaging facilities and packaged into the fun, plastic hearts. The packages were coded for tracking and traceability using high-speed ink-jet technology. The Sweetheart® hearts were then assembled in the display cartons, and distributed to the retailers’ locations.


The SuccessNECCO successfully fulfilled on a challenging request for a unique, quality product, in large quantities, produced in a short time frame and at the right price point. The uniquely packaged Sweetheart® hearts were delivered well in time for the Valentine’s Day sugar rush.

Meanwhile, NECCO made one phone call, to one contract packaging company, to get the job done. TRICO Evolution took care of all NECCO’s packaging and logistics needs for this project.


Samples (click to enlarge)

 NECCO Box  NECCO Candy Packaging


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