Do you know where your customers are? Maybe you just think you do…

TRICO Evolution helped us to find real intelligence in our marketing data.  As a result we were able to make better, more informed business marketing decisions. With TRICO Evolution we were able to understand exactly where to find our customers and how best to reach them.”
Terry Monette, Co-owner, Rental Village


The Problem Rental Village thought they knew where to find their customers. Located just outside city limits, the store was situated in a fast-growing, traditionally rural community. Historically, the store’s customer base was drawn from the rural, blue-collar demographic that lived around and near to the store. When business dipped, Rental Village decided a direct mail campaign was in order, to encourage customers back to the store.


The Solution Rental Village brought TRICO Evolution on board to help. Analysis of marketing intelligence gathered by the TRICO Evolution team revealed that the typical Rental Village customer no longer lived in the neighbourhoods surrounding the store. The community living around the store had shifted from a rural, blue collar demographic to a suburban, white-collar demographic that was less likely to rent tools and other equipment from Rental Village.


The Success Working with the TRICO team, Rental Village was able to identify where their core market was now located, and how to reach them. Without the benefit of TRICO’s expertise, Rental Village could have wasted time, money and effort on a mis-targeted campaign.

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