Does it pay to get personal? You bet!

“We experienced a significant increase in donations from our appeal and exceeded our original goal. The ability that TRICO Evolution had to analyze our data in order to customize the mailing is what made all the difference. This valuable information will allow the Hospice at Maycourt to build on further appeals”
Jana L. Rand, Manager, Fund Development and Marketing, The Hospice at Maycourt


The Problem The Hospice at Maycourt wanted to grow substantially their underperforming  Annual Appeal prior to its amalgamation to become Hospice Care Ottawa. In the year prior, the organization had raised $8,500 in a campaign directed at all 9,000 contacts on their donor list. For the new appeal, the Maycourt set a budget of $10,000 and a fundraising target of $30,000.


The Solution TRICO Evolution analyzed donor behavior and patterns and reduced the mailing list from 9,000+ to 497 high potential donors/targets. Our creative team developed a simple package with a highly personalized look and feel that included:

  • a personalized letter with tailored P.S.;
  • a donation card; and
  • a first class postage stamped return and carrier envelope.


The message was also timely and highly relevant – a final appeal from the outgoing Executive Director to contribute to the Maycourt and provide information of the merger with the other facilities.

TRICO Evolution utilized advanced, data-driven hand-writing technology, with a real pen, to address the carrier envelope and added a variable P.S. message to each letter. By design, the package did not look mass produced. With only 497 units, the Executive Director was able to personally sign the letters – an added element that helped to contribute to the frequency and amount of donation.


The Success In the end, the Maycourt was able to more than triple its results and raised over $52,000. The cost of the campaign was under budget at $6,000 including first class postage on both the carrier envelope and enclosed business reply envelope.

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