Client Testimonials – Packaging & Logistics


“Kruger Products L.P. has held a relationship with TRICO Evolution since 2008. During this period the co-packaging service has been reliable and without issue. Additionally, TRICO Evolution delivers value-added concepts that drive continuous improvement to our process. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of TRICO Evolution.”

Anne-Marie North
Purchasing Manager
Kruger Products L.P.


“Without the hard-working team at TRICO Evolution, it would have been a challenge for us to deliver on a major retailer’s request to sell our product in Valentine-themed packaging in large volumes. Working with TRICO meant we could keep our resources focused on what we do best, making some of the world’s finest candies.”

Eric Long
Supply Chain Manager
New England Candy Company / NECCO


“TRICO Evolution took ownership of the part of the puzzle that we needed them to solve. They seamlessly solved our labeling issues and I do not think we would have the label that we have today if it wasn’t for TRICO and their staff taking ownership of the project and putting passion, hard work, and dedication into our business.”

David van Keuln
Donia Farms


“TRICO Evolution performs critical supply chain management services for the Legion. For our Poppy Campaign you manufacture the Poppies using state of the art thermo-forming. Additionally 45-50,000 Remembrance Poppy Wreaths are made by your firm annually. Once made, you manage this inventory and fulfill the many thousands of orders efficiently, in a very narrow window of opportunity. All of this work is in addition to the print marketing and tray thermo-forming you provide in producing the promotional materials required to support our Poppy Campaign. Your performance this year, while distributing a record number of Poppies and wreaths, has maintained the high level of service we strive for. It will allow us again to generate the funds we require to provide critical support for Veterans in need. We look forward to working with you in the years to come.”

Peter Underhill
Director of Supply
Royal Canadian Legion


Client Testimonials – Printing & Publications


“Richard Danis and TRICO Evolution have been delivering excellent personalized service to our Council since 2009. We have relied on Richard’s knowledge and guidance on varied projects both large and small – from meeting invitations and corporate materials to annual reports and more. The end result always looks great, is delivered on time and within the quoted price. It is because of our confidence in Richard and the TRICO team that we consider TRICO Evolution to be our #1 go-to printing company!”

Nancy Wallace
Vice President, Corporate Services
Business Council of Canada


“Our team at Natural Food Pantry has developed a great ongoing relationship with TRICO Evolution, through the one-on-one service of Jamie Simpson. With Jamie and the TRICO team, we never have to worry about our printing and marketing needs being met. They are always there for us. They are always on time and on budget. We are delighted to have them as a partner.”

Carlo Bevilacqua
Director of Operations
Natural Food Pantry / R&L Health Food


“The National Association of Federal Retirees has had a long standing and successful relationship with TRICO Evolution. Our Association has enjoyed superior service and quality assurance. NAFR would recommend TRICO Evolution to any organization who is looking for innovative solutions at fair market value, all of which is supported by an exceptional team of dedicated professionals.”

Rosemary Pitfield
Director of Advocacy and Communications
National Association of Federal Retirees


“My team regularly works with Jamie Simpson and the team at TRICO Evolution on a wide variety of print, signage, event, and direct mail projects. We receive exceptional, personalized customer service, and know we can count on them to deliver a quality finished product at the quoted price and within established timelines. It is with a great degree of confidence that we hand off our work to TRICO, knowing its staff will work as hard as we did!”

Rhona Lahey
Director, Communications & Outreach
Accreditation Canada


Client Testimonials – Display & Signage


“CFHI has worked with TRICO Evolution since 2012, and we are never disappointed with the efforts of their team. We entrust a wide variety of print and display projects to the TRICO Evolution team – custom exhibit booths and banner stands for our conferences and forums, our corporate prospectus and special reports, training course diplomas, and more. Steve Hutton manages our day to day communications requirements, and David Shackleton jumps in for special projects and follow ups. TRICO stands behind their work, and it’s obvious to us that they look after their people, so they in turn can look after us.”

Veronique Leduc
Communications Officer
Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement


“Bruce Bathurst and the TRICO Evolution team have been producing signage and banners for our conferences and meetings for 5 years now. Bruce has a great understanding of Meeting Planner issues (deadlines, last minute changes), and he is the only supplier who takes the time to make sure I get exactly what I need. He and the team are always accommodating and flexible, they always deliver on time, and the quality is excellent. In short, they make my life much easier!”

Patricia Gougeon, CMP
Associate Director, Meetings & Conferences
Canadian Construction Association


Client Testimonials – Direct & Database Marketing


“TRICO Evolution is a valuable service provider within CARE’s Direct Mail program. Their professional and knowledgeable team provides us with outstanding service in both data processing and production for our campaigns. Working closely with our team, they always have our best interests at heart while creating the most effective material at the lowest cost. They always support us, even when timelines are tight. And they provide us direction and ideas when we’re venturing into new areas.”

Samara Caplan
Offline Marketing Officer
CARE Canada


“Jamie and the TRICO Evolution team have been our partner in the development of a successful direct mail program targeting our retail partners and medical professionals – from our annual catalogue to our monthly catalogues and special flyer promotions. The personal approach Jamie takes when working on each new product is outstanding – regardless of how small or big a question is, he takes the time to call to sort out the issue at hand. And the whole TRICO team’s attention to detail ensures that our campaigns run smoothly and drop on schedule. I look forward to building upon the relationship we have.”

Tamara Yantha
Purchasing Coordinator
St Francis Herb Farm


“TRICO Evolution helped us raise more funds at a lower cost. Their collaborative, customer-focused team worked diligently with us to ensure we reached our ambitious goals.”

John Heckbert
Manager, Fundraising Campaigns
Canadian Wildlife Federation


“We needed to mobilize our membership into action and send a message to the politicians and decision makers. Working with TRICO Evolution, we were able to achieve our goals and more. What began as a direct mail campaign evolved into a much more strategic and lobbying effort that delivered results as well as invaluable information to help us better serve and grow our membership.”

Rosemary Pitfield
Director of Advocacy and Communications
National Association of Federal Retirees


Client Testimonials – Marketing Analytics & Research


“TRICO Evolution helped us to find real intelligence in our marketing data. As a result we were able to make better, more informed business marketing decisions. With TRICO Evolution we were able to understand exactly where to find our customers and how best to reach them.”

Terry Monette
Co-Owner, Rental Village


“Your data expertise and strategic approach is well ahead of the traditional approach and has improved our net revenue on just about every campaign we’ve done together. In addition, you’ve helped us communicate in a more direct, personal way with each of our donors, talking to them about the things they care most about.”

John Heckbert
Manager, Fundraising Campaigns
Canadian Wildlife Federation


“We experienced a significant increase in donations from our appeal and exceeded our original goal. The ability that TRICO Evolution had to analyze our data in order to customize the mailing is what made all the difference. This valuable information will allow the Hospice at Maycourt to build on further appeals.”

Jana L. Rand
Fund Development and Marketing
The Hospice at Maycourt